Holistic Chicken Keeping

Every last one of our birds are kept healthy and happy using  holistic practices. We believe that staying ahead of the disease and “funk” is better than trying to combat it. All of our flocks, chicks, meat birds, and specialty birds, are given apple cider vinegar in their water as a natural “antibiotic” and “wormer”. They are given free access to garlic which helps with nasty pests.  Our birds are treated with fresh kale, quinoa, and berries to boost antioxidants. And in the winter months, our flocks are spoiled with warm mash and coconut milk for extra nutrients. 

We feed an organic, locally made layer mash, which they have access to 24/7. But for added nutritional and health benefits, we ferment the feed once a week and treat them. They go absolutely wild over it! And we are absolutely wild about all the good that it does for them. 

We also use a mix of herbs and wood ash to keep the coop smelling like a chicken palace. This mix also doubles as an additional deterrent for nasty mites and other little pests.

Bedding is changed regularly in all of our coops to ensure that they stay free of disease. In keeping in line with our core values, the spent bedding is then composted for our garden and is sometimes available (ridiculously cheap) to local friends and farmers.

Our flock is tested twice a year for fowl pullorum - typhoid, and avian influenza as per NC state NPIP certification standards.  

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