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Swedish Flower Hens

Skånsk Blommehöna

Hailing from Sweden, this is not a rare breed but rather an “imported” breed that is not found in your local feed stores. They are a gorgeous group that are full of different colors and “flowering” patterns. No two chickens look alike. They are good layers (around 200/year) of large, cream colored eggs and are hardy birds through the heat of summer and dead of winter.  Their docile, super friendly, and loving personalities make them great for families.

NPIP & AI clean

Our flock


Chicks & Eggs

Most of our chicks are sold straight run (meaning they are unsexed).  When buying straight run, we recommend, if you are looking for 4 hens, to buy 8 chicks. This gives you a 50/50 chance of getting the desired number of hens to suit your needs. 


 $12 straight run

 $25 pullets

 $10 cockerels

 $40 point of lay hens

 $60 One dozen hatching eggs

We are NPIP/AI clean and are happy to ship eggs and/or chicks across the continental US.

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