Chicks are available year round, but with greater availability in early spring.  If you are interested in securing a particular breed from a hatch let us know and you can prepay for them so they are held for you. All prepaid orders receive a 10% discount. This includes sexed chicks! Ask about reserving your pullets! 


We do not encourage chicks to be bought as Easter gifts.  We, however, encourage families to raise chicks as an experience for their family. This being said,  we want every family to fully understand all of the caveats of chicken rearing before purchasing chicks. We are available by email and text to answer any questions that present and future chicken owners may have.

Most of our chicks are sold straight run (meaning they are unsexed).  When buying straight run, we recommend, if you are looking for 4 hens, to buy 8 chicks. This gives you a 50/50 chance of getting the desired number of hens to suit your needs. 


Swedish Flower Hens:  $12 straight run

                                         $25 pullets

                                         $10 cockerels

                                         $40 point of lay hens












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Discounts are offered for 10+ chicks ordered.


Please contact us to order chicks. We currently accept cash, check, Venmo and Paypal.

When ordering or purchasing chicks, please take into consideration that it can take 5 months for a chick to reach egg laying age.  While we offer chicks year round, purchasing chicks in late June is the best way to go because by the time spring rolls around your chicks will be full grown mature ladies ready to lay all spring and summer for you!

Not local to us? We are NPIP certified and AI clean. We are able and happy to ship chicks across the continental US. (Minimum chick orders apply and shipping is pending weather at time of purchase.)

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