Humane Hatching

We set ourselves apart from large scale hatcheries with our devotion to humane hatching practices. When we began the endeavor of owning and raising chickens, large scale hatcheries were ready and waiting for our business. The question always arose, “I wonder what they do with their unsold chicks?” After some time and a lot of research, we were entirely disheartened (and disgusted) to find that unsold chicks, mostly male, were thrown into machines that grind them alive or are destroyed in gas chambers. Large scale hatcheries don’t want to spend the money on feed or brooding space for these chicks, and this is their solution. We have heard of some hatcheries that sell them at local auctions.

Thinking that was more humane, we were relieved. Unfortunately, after researching said auctions and hearing from folks who attend them, the chicks are
kept in unsanitary and inhumane conditions until sold and claimed by the buyer.



In an effort to make a difference and set ourselves apart, no male or unsold chicks are killed on our farm. Every life has a purpose. And with this in mind, we are happy to relocate our cockerels and roosters, most often times for free, to families that will use them for meat or otherwise use them as flock protectors.


If you are interested in a breed that we do not offer, please contact us as we likely have a local source for said breed. This not only ensures you are receiving
chicks from a humane hatchery, but you are also supporting a local farmer and ultimately making a difference in your community.


Rooster Relocation Project

As spring time gets into full swing, we are hatching chicks left and right. Most get sold to loving homes. Some stay with us to mature and potentially be added as breeding stock. However, there are times that we have an extra rooster or three (or more). Sometimes roosters are just not suitable candidates for our breeding program. That does not mean they do not have a purpose elsewhere. Therefore, once our chicks are sexed, rather than end their lives, we are willing to give the cockerels to families who need them. Either as protectors of their flock, as alarm clocks, or for their own meat, they are ensured the opportunity to live up to their purposes.