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Farm - To - Table 





We take great pride in raising some beautiful Cornish-cross broilers that produce some
of the most delicious meat you will taste. 


Fed locally made, organic feed and moved around the farm in chicken tractors, 

they are kept happy, healthy, and free of any pesticides, anti-biotics, and hormones.

We offer the most reasonably priced whole chicken in the area

so that everyone is able to afford quality and know where their food comes from.






How to Buy

On Farm


Follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list for updates on when fresh poultry is available.


Preorder Savings

4+ chickens = $3.75/lb

5+ chickens = $3.50/lb

Farmer's Markets



To be announced

Farm to Table Fresh

Contact us today to see how fresh food can impact your life.

We aim to have chickens available every 2 months and accept pre-orders
accordingly. Follow us on Facebook to see when we are accepting pre-orders

Our friends and family who have enjoyed our chickens can attest to the fact that
these are the best available. Large scale organic (and non-organic) grocery
stores cannot compete with the freshness that we offer. Additionally, you are
supporting a local farmer that took the time to make sure your food was raised
right. You can take comfort in knowing that your birds were not raised in tightly
packed chicken warehouses without access to nature and sunlight. We are happy to introduce you to our meaties any time you like. 

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