We take great pride in preserving some very unique, imported breeds of chickens. From Sweden to Turkey, our flock boasts quite a unique batch of feathers that you wouldn’t otherwise find at your local farm store. All of our chickens are sourced from other small breeders across the country who have given us the opportunity to enjoy and utilize the fantastic framework of bloodlines they have developed.

Swedish Flower Hens

Skånsk Blommehöna

Hailing from Sweden, this is not a rare breed but rather an “imported” breed that is not found in your local feed stores. They are a gorgeous group that are full of different colors and “flowering” patterns. No two chickens look alike. They are good layers (around 200/year) of large, cream colored eggs and super friendly, hardy, and loving.  Their docile personalities make them great for families.

We are currently only breeding SFH. We will update our breed list soon. We are currently focusing on the infrastructure on our farm to better maintain our breeding flocks.

Coming soon...

  Black Copper Marans — who doesn't love those large, deep dark brown chocolate colored eggs? If you are looking for a quality bird to add to your flock, this will be it. Hailing from France, and typically a generic bird there, marans are still considered rare in the US. We take pride in breeding for the darkest egg color we can get while keeping the frame of the bird "strong, long, and sturdy".

 Blue, Black, and Splash and Lavender (self-blue) Ameraucanas — not to be confused with Easter Eggers, which do not conform to any breed standards. Our BBS Ameraucanas are all from show line breeding stock including Paul Smith lines . These beautiful babies are both sweet and very hardy! You will get 4-5 BLUE eggs per week.




 Blue, Black, and Splash Langshans

 Olive eggers

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