Meet the Trainer - Lisa

                  Lisa started her riding career as a wee little 6 year old on a ploddy old trail horse in rural Illinois. Competing in western pleasure and hunter/jumper through her younger years on her first horse, Bopper, the appaloosa. Her teenage years took her to the next level, into the exciting world of eventing. She met her heart horse, Harry, a 4 y/o Thoroughbred x Shire that was, at the time, steel gray and dappled. He stood a whopping 17.3 hands, which worked well for a 5’10” teenager with long legs.  They competed through Training level eventing and 2nd level dressage.


                 Lisa had a 2 year apprenticeship while in high school, learning the fundamentals of retraining off track thoroughbreds and rehabilitating upper level injured dressage horses. She began teaching lessons to kids and adults at 18 before her life’s path moved her and Harry to North Carolina.

                    Moving is never easy and it wasn’t always blue ribbons and sunshine. After working as a stable manager in Blanch, NC, she started her own boarding and training business. 2008 had an impact on horse owners everywhere and training was no longer in high demand. While on hiatus, and pursuing other career goals, Lisa took on learning the fundamentals of natural horsemanship from several of the world renowned horse trainers such as Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson, and Chris Cox.


Learning a lot the hard way, she progressed to breaking, training, and selling horses locally as safe, sound prospects, ready to go into any discipline. She continues to share her love of horses and teaches riding and horsemanship to all ages and levels.  Harry and Lisa have been out of the show ring since the birth of her youngest son, but in due time, they will be back in the  spotlight.

Meet our Assistant Instructor - Anita

Anita comes to us with a long history of English riding.  Her style of instruction builds confidence for the new rider and challenges the experienced rider to improve.

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