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Events & Clinics

2023 Clinics

We have a few open slots left and are willing to make a deal to get them filled.

We have opened up new pricing and options to allow for more folks to join in.

Rider/Participant Options:

$400 for two lessons (private), Friday evening meet & greet, private paddock, & meals

$300 for two lessons (private) and Friday evening meet & greet

$175 for one lesson (private), and Friday evening meet & greet

$150 for one semi-private lesson, Friday evening meet & greet (per person, 2 or more people required)

$100 "Participating auditor" - will have opportunity to work with Anna and demo horses (non-lesson format with open forum). This is appropriate to those new to horses and those who wish to advance their level of partnership with their horse. Includes Friday evening meet & greet.

$150 for two day "Participating Auditor"

$55/day or $75 both days -- Auditors welcome! Please bring a chair.

$15 Auditors price to join Friday evening meet & greet & lecture

Friday evening meet and greet includes drinks and

hor d'oeuvres.

All auditors, participating auditors, and participants are welcome to the Saturday evening book talk.

Register to audit or participate here:

Here is an awesome opportunity to learn from international author, clinician, and horse advocate, Anna Blake!

The Fine Art of Saying Yes: Affirmative Training. How many times have I heard people say that they didn’t like the old domination training methods, but it was all they knew? It’s time to update those old-school techniques. This clinic marries the brain science of how horses think and learn with affirmative training techniques. We’ll deepen our understanding of Calming Signals from our horses, with a focus on encouraging confidence and connection for both horse and rider. This clinic is human-focused, training the rider a forward-thinking philosophy and nonviolent techniques that pair clarity and kindness, resulting in a responsive partnership. We prioritize the horse’s welfare, especially young horses and those horses who have suffered harsh training in the past. Affirmative Training is the art of understanding each unique horse.

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2022 Clinics

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2021 Clinics

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