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Lessons are available for riders 3 years of age and up. Participants will learn the fundamentals of horsemanship and how communication with the horse on the ground translates to communication under saddle. Lessons are kept fun, light hearted, and engaging. With a strong focus on mastering the basic skills in order to perfect the advanced, students of all skill levels are welcome. 

Riders are taught in their saddle of comfort, English or Western. 

The saddle is not what makes or breaks the connection and communication. Emphasis is placed on proper horsemanship and attunement with the horse as well as balance and safety. 

We have lesson horses suited in dressage, jumping, and working western, ranging from beginner to advanced.


***Helmets are required of all riders on SRF horses.****

Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to their lesson time and remain 15 minutes after their lesson for proper grooming and tacking of horses. 

Lessons are taught Monday-Saturday and times are very flexible due to our outdoor lighting.


We are at the mercy of the weather. Lessons will not be taught when there is thunder/lightning/heavy rainfall, temperatures are above 93 degrees or below 40 degrees. Lessons canceled due to weather will be rescheduled without prejudice.


Lessons at Stony Rock Farm:   Ages 3-5 $30/ half hour

                                                       Ages 6+ $50/hour 

                Lesson packages:      Four lessons/month $175

                                                      Six lessons/month $250

                                                      Eight lessons/month $350

Haul in lessons are welcome at no additional cost.

Lessons can also be arranged at your own farm for anyone within a 25 mile radius from SRF. 

Lessons off site:   $65 and will last 60-90 minutes (based on evolution of the lesson and participant willingness)

Catch riding and/or exercising: $50 (within 25 mile radius)




Special rates available for

Police, Fire, & EMS


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